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tv   [untitled]    September 19, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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key issues as human trafficking and domestic violence, and family violence, and the status of girls and healthy mothers. >> so, at the department, we take a human rights approach to the violence against women and rooted in the un convention, on all forms of discrimination against women. and international bill of rights for women and that has been ratified by 186 out of 193 un member states, and with the exception of the united states. we are among the 7 countries that have not signed on including iran, and lo, and south sudan and tonga but this was not good enough for the women of san francisco and in 1998 san francisco became the first city in the world to enact a local ordinance with the principals, and this forms the framework that guides our
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work and we are privileged to have amy who is the city attorney at the time who drafted much of the language for that ordinance. and so with any human rights, framework and freedom from violence is a human right. our first topic, trafficking in san francisco. we have a rebounding economy and a growing population and immigrant population and hospitality industry. we see all forms of trafficking here in san francisco, sex and labor trafficking, child and adult domestic and international trafficking. and our entire community affected and there is a link between human trafficking and smuggling and drug and, money laundering and organized crime and all of these lead to increased crime in gang
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activity and child exploitation and public health problems. so what would you guess the annual income of a pimp, 640,000 tax free and the calculation goes something like this. four women, we understand, from the county that a typical quota is ten tricks a night, we are talking about a street operation gets you to $730,000, and you take off some money for expenses food, housing and clothing and you get to something like $650,000. i mean this is one person, controlling four women and so it is lucrativ. >> the mayor has shown tremendous leadership on this issue and convened a mayor's task force on human trafficking
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beginning 18 months ago and the purpose is that the (inaudible) will over see a victim approach to effectively intervene in the human trafficking situations and focus on the long term solutions to this problem. and the task force is a combination of city agencies including the department of public health and the human services agency, and the criminal justice, agencies but also, the service providers, such as asian women, and market street, youth services. so what has this task force accomplished so far? >> we have developed a data tracking tool, human trafficking is a largely invice able crime and we are trying to make the invis able, visible. and then, the enforcement of the massage parlor regulations have been beefed up thanks to
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the police department and the commissioner, mary and i actually joined your inspections team to go in to massage parlors in and around china town and these inspections are important sxh in one instance a female decided to leave the parlor suspected of sex trafficking after speaking with police inspectors she packed up her stuff and left. but it was clear to us that the inspections require many more resources to provide a comprehensive victim centered approach that is cultural competent, and the only language folks there were volunteers and so you theed to have paid language proficient out reach workers and it would be help follow to have service providers also who can make available referrals and we also need many more services to address the needs of human trafficking survivors, the sad part of that was that we didn't
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know where this female went to, because there is not a place to go for human trafficking it is likely that she ended up back in the massage parlor. >> the state law requires a noticing, including the hot line number in all bars, bus stations and train stations and emergency rooms. so we conducted a campaign to 700 affected businesses and i want to thank the dph massage marlor
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